Eye Spy


‘Eye Spy’

A few years ago, I was providing a private tour for a professional photographer who hoped to add several iceberg shots for his upcoming exhibit in New York City. It was an opportune season for ice and he was presented with many spectacular vistas, including an ocean side cliff that towered above an iceberg that split and calved an enormous ice slab almost immediately following our arrival. It was amazing and we took some ridiculous photographs.



“… iceberg that split… “

While I’ve shared most of these photos, there are many others that you’ll never see on our website or social media channels. While touring I often capture images of my guests when I find them in opportune positions – most particularly while they are taking a photograph since they’ve likely chosen the perfect backdrop for my shot.

Most people are anxious to have me send these images to their personal email or text, but this gentleman simply admired the images and was most complimentary of what was becoming a collaborative project.



“… chosen the perfect backdrop for my shot.”


With a shared interest in photography we certainly covered a lot of territory that week, and of course, enjoyed many great stories and observations. In fact, this this is the same guy who inspired one of my favorite blogs, posted earlier this year – ‘Crazy Cavey.

He was a great guy and I really enjoyed his company, developing a closer relationship than normally experienced on tour. By the third day I was feeling comfortable enough to inquire about some photography advice and even went so far as to ask what he thought it took to be a good photographer.

He laughed and said;

“From what I can tell it has everything to do with the camera.”

“Really?”, I asked.

“Well according to the response I most often get when showing my photos – “Your camera takes some nice pictures. My camera never takes a picture like that.”



“Your camera takes some nice pictures.”


We laughed of course, but then he straightened into a more serious state and said;

“There are courses you can take to improve interior shots, family photos, shutter speeds, aperture settings, photo shop enhancements, etc. But for regards of taking magnificent pictures – -you’re in the best position imaginable. You live in a world of spectacular beauty. Your work puts you out in that environment every day. You have enough discipline to always carry and use your camera, and you have been blessed with a pretty and creative eye. I’ve been looking at your shots and you only see what’s truly beautiful at every stop we’ve make. You frame and capture Newfoundland like you obviously live it, filled with pride of place and a want to share it.”

I was humbled yet grateful, both for his compliment and the life lesson. One that I often share with guests when they marvel at the fact I continue to shoot photos of places I’ve seen a “T’ousand times”.



“… places I’ve seen a T’ousand Times”

Never stop looking for beauty in every aspect of your life. You’ll be amazed at how many wonders you’ll see when you open your eyes and focus on the beauty that surrounds you, no matter where you are, or how familiar it may seem – on your walk to work, at the park, in your yard or even on your bus ride home. It’s there if you look, and it will make everything else pale in comparison; your worries, angst, frustrations, and criticisms will disappear in the shadows of your frame work.

You don’t need ‘Rose Coloured Glasses’ when you take the time to see, stop and actually smell the roses.



“… actually smell the roses.” 




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