Breaking B'read


‘Breaking B’read’

Brother Mark took everyone from our tour department out for lunch and an impromptu review of our preparations for the upcoming tour season. Everyone was most appreciative of the lovely meal and the conscientious staff at the Sheraton who allowed us to carry on with our meetings even after the restaurant closed for the afternoon. We shared our thoughts, laughed at some of this year’s more unusual tour requests, and basically found great assurance that our summer programs were all under control with a brilliant travel season ahead.



“Brother Mark…”

During our meeting, we discussed the “Touch Points” we use to stay connected with our guests after they make the decision to travel with us since we want to make certain everyone is excited and properly prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.

Once you’ve reserved a tour we’ll send a booking confirmation that includes an introduction to our web blogs, Facebook, Twitter and TripAdvisor pages. This is a great resource for anyone who’s traveling to Newfoundland and includes many wonderful stories, comical anecdotes, funny videos, beautiful photography and all sorts of interesting suggestions regarding everything from what to wear, when to travel, what to expect, and how to better appreciate Newfoundland and all its wonderful nuances.



“…beautiful photography…”

I take pride in knowing our guests will be thoroughly entertained by our social media outlets, and our blogs provide answers to almost any question. Of course, we also send out formal travel documents, including an action list for packing, prepping and enjoying your vacation. Not to mention several administrative mail outs, phone calls, and emails.

With all that said, Brother Mark asked us to try and create at least one more point of contact, so we decided to compile a list of Newfoundland literature, songs and exhibits. Though I’ve already written a blog for my personal literary preferences, Mark felt that it was buried a little too deep in my ramblings, and so asked if we could provide another version that is easier to decipher. Thus, the following;

Our Top 10 Newfoundland themed or books.

  1. As Near to Heaven by Sea – Kevin Major
  2. Cod – A biography of the fish that changed the world – Mark Kurlansky
  3. Wreckage – Michael Crummy
  4. Danger Tree – David McFarlane
  5. Kits Law – Donna Morrissey
  6. Joey – Harold Horwood
  7. A Gentlemen’s Agreement – Robert Stone
  8. Salt – A World History – Mark Kurlansky
  9. History of Newfoundland – Judge Prowse
  10. Death on The Ice – Cassie Brown

Enjoy the reading and the great conversations we’ll share when you arrive.

Can’t wait to meet you.


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