Whether Man


‘Whether Man’
I landed a job with a film production crew on the very first day I arrived in Vancouver back in 2005. It was a quick, rather impromptu interview so I hadn’t received any details about the position and didn’t know what to expect when I arrived on set. I heard the boys worked in the field so I dressed for the current weather and grabbed the camera bag / knap sack that I carry everywhere in Newfoundland; it contains everything you need to adapt and enjoy the many spectacular climate changes we can experience in Newfoundland during any season of the year.


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“… landed a job with a film production crew…”

That morning was typical for a Vancouver summer and I soon found myself reaching for my bag in search of suntan lotion. As this was early in the summer season I had to delve deep – digging through wool hats and gloves, a neck warmer, my fisherman’s sweater, ball cap, rain gear, sunglasses, and extra socks, before I finally found my tube of sunblock. When my new coworkers got a glimpse of my wild assortment of gear they howled with laughter asking;

“Are you expecting it to snow Newf?”

To which I quickly responded;

“Now boys, I don’t know if I’m necessarily expecting it to snow but I can assure you that I’ll be darn good and ready if it does!”


“… are you expecting it to snow Newf?”

As you should be when you decide to spend time in this truly awe inspiring weather environment we Newfoundlanders call “home”. While our mean July temperature hovers around 20 – 23 degrees Celsius – you might be fortunate enough to experience some wild weather during your stay. After all, Newfoundland is an island located in the middle of the North Atlantic where two of the world’s most powerful and completely polarized ocean currents meet. Here the warm waters of the Gulf Stream converge with the frigid cold of the Labrador Current; creating some of the most dramatic displays of wind, waves, icebergs, fog, whales, sea birds, precipitation and temperature swings imaginable – sometimes you can even see all of it in a single day! As we often joke in Newfoundland – “If you don’t like the weather just wait half an hour for its bound to change!”


“… some of the most dramatic displays…”

Thus, while you will be constantly reaching for your camera to capture the many varied and brilliant skyscapes, vistas and coastal photos we find in abundance, you will also want to pack gear that will ensure your comfort in the many  weather systems that create these natural phenomenon.



“… many changing weather systems…”

I always start my day donning a pair of light, waterproof, wind pants. I top this with a light, short sleeve shirt, wool or fleece sweater, and a Gore-Tex shell. I wear lightweight waterproof hiking shoes, lather myself in sunblock and top my head with a nice ball cap (which Mother always reminds me to remove whenever I step inside the house – LOL). The contents of my camera bag are listed above and you might marvel that there is still room for a new Canon Rebel with a couple of lens and extra batteries. In my suitcase, I pack a pair of dress pants and shoes, 12 pairs of socks and drawers, 12 shirts, trunks / shorts, and my shaving bag. This all fits in a medium size rolling suitcase that is easy to lift and haul about the trip.


Bonavista Christmas 08 305

“… in Newfoundland ‘BC’ means Be Comfortable.”

I used to joke with the boys in Vancouver;

“You fellows are that backward I assume ‘BC’ stands for ‘Before Christ’, right?”

Well, in Newfoundland BC might mean, ‘Be Comfortable’ – at all times for there’s no such thing as bad weather, just poor choices in clothing!

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