What's Up Doc?


What’s up Doc?

When he first moved to Corner Brook, my brother Jason asked why I insisted on introducing him as Doctor Jason McCarthy.

Eh boy?

Because you make me look smarter!

You’re my brother. We have the same DNA, were raised in the same house, and grew up with the same crowd. When people hear that you’re a doctor they automatically assume that I must be a pretty sharp cookie as well.

The same held true when I first moved home and started working with the family business again. Only this time I had a much larger network of support since my brother Mark had grown our family to include many new guides, each of whom exhibit the same brilliance and clarity of mind, beautiful personalities, and a shared appreciation for our country and all those who choose to visit.



“… grown our family…”

Thus when Mike Edmunds was nominated for a municipal tourism award in St. John’s this week, I, and all of our guides were equally excited since this acknowledgement really reflects on the entire McCarthy Family and the quality experiences we provide for our guests.



“… Mike Edmund was nominated…”


Many congratulations to Mike, all our guides, Mom and Dad, our business partners, support staff, our families, and my brother Mark for bringing all of us together.

Who says you can’t pick your family?




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