Just Be Cuz


“Just Be Cuz”


I recently rang my cousin David in Toronto and was fortunate to have his wife pick up the phone first. I always enjoy speaking with Joanne and appreciate her take on everything that we think of as Canada. Joanne was raised in Toronto as a first-generation Italian Canadian, which is similar, and yet so very different from those of us whose parents were born as Newfoundlanders (pre-confederation 1949) and are therefore entitled to an arguable claim for “landed immigrant” status as well.


“Joanne was raised in Toronto…”


We spoke of our children. Chatted about work. Joked about the family news. It was lovely.

 Of course, our views on most political positions were fundamentally opposed. But even those discussions convalesced to the lighter side with a mutual respect for the other’s thoughts and opinions, no matter how polarized they might be. Again it was lovely.

As our conversation ended, we said our goodbyes, but as I waited for Joanne to hand the phone off to my cousin, she quickly came back on the line to ask (as if it were sinful to have forgotten) about the weather in Newfoundland. I explained that the weather has been perfect;



“… weather has been perfect”


“Been spectacular since July of 2015.”

And just for dramatic flare exclaimed;

“Sure it was 20 degrees here last Thursday! ”

“Yes, I heard that” she says. “Your weather has been quite extraordinary of late! But I hear you’re in for a rough winter this year.”



“… the farmer’s almanac.”

I paused for a second to think about that for there really has been quite a lot of talk about the farmers almanac and its predictions this fall.

“Hmmmm, I guess that depends on what you call rough. If it snows, I’ll be doing a lot of snowmobiling with the family. And if it doesn’t, well, I guess I won’t have to do any shoveling. Sounds like a great winter no matter how you look at it!”



“… snowmobiling with family”

 Now it was her turn to hesitate and ponder the situation for a few seconds before stating almost wistfully;

“Life in Newfoundland is really that simple isn’t it?

There’s a lot to be said for that”



“… great winter no matter how you look at it.”

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