Fountain Head


Fountain Head

Just like the crowd down north claim more than 100 words to describe snow, so too does Newfoundland use a variety of terms when we talk about rain. There’s driving rain, gentle rain, sly rain, freezing rain, and my all time favorite, “wet rain”. Thankfully we don’t see “wet rain” very often, and when we do we usually experience it with a solid roof over our head.

This past week my tour group witnessed nearly every kind of rain this island could summon. Thankfully they brought clothing intended for such occasions, we visited many interesting interpretation centers (including 3 UNESCO designated sites), and most of the “Wet” rain fell while we were driving the coach.



“… 100 words to describe snow…”

We maintained good cheer throughout the trip. Enjoyed much time in each other’s company and bonded as a family of adventurers, always ready to pursue the perfect photo opportunity, and more than willing to listen to yet another one of Andrew’s “Great” stories.

Yes, I talked more than usual (if you can believe that) but the extended time we spent together also allowed us to better appreciate the company of like-minded travellers and the many conversations we shared. I suppose it might be argued that my work load was significantly increased, but so too was my enjoyment as I listened to the many stories about my guests lives, their careers, the reason for this visit, and the connections we found in so many Newfoundland places and events.


“… perfect photo opportunity…”

There’s not many people who get to spend a fortnight with so many interesting characters and there’s even fewer who have the time to listen to their stories. With 36 guests (mentors) on a trip, available always – I ended up learning a lot about myself this week.

Who would have guessed that someone my age could still be so wet behind the ears?

But then, we don’t really appreciate the value of water until the well is dry.

Cherish your parents people – They are the best companions you will ever have and I’m loving their company







Many thanks to all my guests for sharing in this wonderful adventure. And tremendous praise to all our partners who make all of this possible


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