Hi to everyone,

Hope all is well. Wish I could be home for the guides’ trip. Intercession started this week, so I’m in the home stretch now and will be flying home in late June.



“… in the home stretch..”

I went to Cyprus for Easter break and boy there’s something about islanders. What a chill and friendly place. It’s a 4 hour flight from Doha. Wish it was a shorter haul ’cause I’d use it as a weekend escape. I’d sit on my balcony and gaze at the Mediterranean Sea and think, just 500km away innocent Syrians are suffering; and still life goes on around Syria.



“… Cyprus for Easter…”

Dined on Mediterranean cod at a quaint restaurant across from my resort. It’s a warm water cod. Not bad! But nothing beats ours! Did lots of exploring the island. Ancient ruins and Greek Orthodox churches everywhere!! Hiked the Troodos Mountains where I came up solid at the Turkish border. Met a bicyclist there from Romania who was escaping the last storms of winter.



“… a bicyclist from Romania…”

But for all the sites I’ve seen on my travels over here, there’s nothing (to me) as breathtaking as Gros Morne!! Tell our guides that we have a uniqueness and rugged beauty that is hard to match – but I’m sure many already know that.



“… breathtaking as Gros Morne…”

Hello to all the guides and office staff and guests – hope the FAM is a safe trip, and I’m sure everyone will have lots of fun.

Take care,


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